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2016 Chicago Blues Hall of Fame Inductee

Marty "Big Dog" Mercer and his band are renowned in the Chicago music scene for their exceptional performances. With nearly 200 shows annually, they mesmerize audiences across the Midwest and internationally. What distinguishes them is their conscientious approach to volume levels coupled with unwavering professionalism. This versatile ensemble guarantees to make any event unforgettable, whether it's a concert, festival, corporate function, theater production, private party, wedding, or a night out at various venues. They're also adept at contributing their musical talents to radio, television projects, recording sessions, jingles, and soundbites. Marty "Big Dog" Mercer and his band stand out with their impressive musical prowess and dedication to delivering outstanding performances, making them the perfect choice to elevate any occasion or project, leaving a lasting impression on audiences and clients alike.